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This is the Rent A Crowd - Home Page. Rent A Crowd (RAC) was simply a group of friends who, at short notice, were willing to form a crowd for fun and fellowship to celebrate birthdays and special events. Over the years some moved to other locations for employment and even retirement. No matter where, or when, someone keeps in touch.

How RAC Formed

Most of RAC came in contact at the church we all attended and RAC supplied quite a lot of the voluntary work behind the scenes. Some of RAC provided more visual activies such as the Stepz dance class which was a real hit in the area. RAC was not an exclusive group and RAC would often help or provide assistance to others who did not, or were unable to, join with RAC.

Purpose of This Site

This site has been created so that RAC can use the internet to keep in touch. Available host scripts will be added to this site (via the left menu) so that RAC and guests can get more involved in the dialogue as (if) it grows. So it you would like to get a discussion thread going add a post in the RAC Forum. There's even a RAC Blog page where you can add anything you like.

The eChurch page has been hacked but I may be able to salvage some of the messages from the database. In the meantime I've included a link to Capital Edge Community Church in place of eChurch because CECC is where RAC met. Check out the resources page for some excellent messages. Other utilities have been removed because they were only being used by spammers.

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