Scripture Resources

Use the links below to search for words or phrases in scripture, look up parallel versions, view verses in other languages and check the original meaning using Strong's Hebrew and Greek Lexicon. You can copy and/or print the verses and information from these websites. You can listen to chapters of the Bible in the Bible Gateway if you have an audio player on your computer and speakers or a headset. This link uses Bible Gateway to play Psalms Chapter 15. It will take some time to download. Bible Gateway provides audio access to other versions, books and chapters.

Gateway Bible

Lookup a word or passage in the Bible
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Online Parallel Bible

Want to compare a verse alongside other versions or translations? Then go to for a parallel presentation of several translations.

Multilingual Bible

Looking for a verse in another language? Go to for a Multilingual Bible with links to a concordance, lexicon and commentary.

Bible Browser provides a lexicon alongside parallel Bible verses.

Looking for a good variety of sermons in MP3 format? Go to CECC MP3 Messages  There is an excellent seven part series on the type of church that God looks for. The series is based on the Seven Churches of Revelations. You can listen to the sermons on line or download them and add them to your MP3 player.